4 Killer Internet Marketing Strategies and Tools for CPA Success

4 Killer Internet Marketing Strategies and Tools for CPA Success

We all know that there are practically countless ways of making money online  – a great one is through Cost Per Action (CPA) programs. Here are four killer  CPA strategies the top internet marketers are using right now.

1. Using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to drive visitors to affiliate  landing pages. Why are people doing this? Pretty simple – it works! PPC  advertising is a really quick way to drive traffic because when you purchase a  spot on page 1 on Google or on other search engines, put simply, more people  will click through to your landing pages, leading to more of those tasty  affiliate commissions!

This is a great internet marketing tool to use, as you can actively respond  to the ever-changing online marketplace. As you find hot new niches with CPA  offers you can promote, you can increase your sources of passive income with very little effort.

2. For long-term success, a website or your own blog is a great idea.  Monetize it with relevant CPA offers, like for example promoting gardening books  and products on your gardening site (excellent relevance!), and not promoting  something like ‘vintage car rims’ (not so great relevance…). The key here  is… relevance! Just to drive the point home people:)

What you’re doing here is developing your site or blog as an authority  website/blog, which the search engines love. The steady flow of traffic is  bringing people to promotions that are relevant and welcomed, which in turn is  providing you with passive income through people clicking through these CPA  offers.

3. Setting up an auto-responder with relevant and pre-programmed email  messages with CPA offers included in them. Once set up, all you need to do is to  add subscribers to the auto-responder and then just let it do it’s job. This is  one of the simplest and best tools you can use as an internet marketer, because  you can reach thousands of people at a time, with only a small amount of initial  setup work. Once setup, these messages can be sent out automatically at  predetermined times from months to years in advance.

In addition to sending out regular emails to your subscribers, you can send  out additional relevant CPA offers that your subscribers might be interested in.  This is a great way of making even more money as you stumble across new CPA  offers to promote.

4. For some offers, you will want to build your own landing pages. All you  need is a hosting account where you can build a simple page like this, or  purchase ready-made templates which has most of the work already done for  you.

Cost Per Action programs are very profitable when used correctly. For this to  work you need to use the right internet marketing tools and these are some of  the best ones available – enjoy!

David Spralia

Dave is an Internet Marketer who runs an IM review site and blog on Internet  Marketing strategies, products and advice. Check out his site at  [http://www.bigdavesreviews.com] for great content and ways to start making  money online right now! [http://www.bigdavesreviews.com]

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